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Digitising the process of getting documents signed.

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Signflow digital signature workflow

Enterprise-wide Security, Flexibility and Scalability...

Designed for flexibility and security.

We understand the challenges that IT operations face when new systems are introduced by business units across the enterprise.

SignFlow was designed from the ground up for enterprise deployment. It slots into your existing technology stack and coexists with your production systems. Scalability comes in the form of choice. SignFlow supports granular growth across the enterprise and can be scaled according to security needs, integration requirements and user demands.

Enterprise benefits
When comparing SignFlow to its competitors on an enterprise level, there is one benefit that overshadow all others. The SignFlow Enterprise Hybrid solution can be deployed on-premise, in your data centre behind your enterprise firewall, without the large expense of building a private key infrastructure.

The ultimate cryptographic digital signature technology finally meets the ultimate flexible document workflow solution.

   Scalability across the enterprise

The switch to digital

Across the enterprise, SignFlow is changing the way business is done by eliminating inefficient, expensive and time consuming paper-based processes. It does this whilst also providing innovative new digital customer experiences. Switching legacy paper-based processes to efficient and fast digital processes is now easier than ever before.

More features

SignFlow Hybrid

Our enterprise customers enjoy the choice & benefits of deploying SignFlow in a private data centre behind an enterprise firewall, which seamlessly connect to our world-class, secure PKI. Documents never leave your data centre, whether signed internally by employees in a workflow, or externally by customers across the globe, or a mix of both.

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Professional Business Products

  • SignFlow profesional Digital signature workflow

    SignFlow Professional

    SignFlow Professional opens a new world of cloud-based SaaS workflow technology.

    Bring a much higher level of international assurance to your personal digital signature with enhanced document preparation & outbound distribution functionality, coupled with a superior customer experience. SignFlow Professional is the fastest and easiest platform to introduce digital transaction management to your organisation.

    Features & Benefits

  • SignFlow profesional Advanced elctronic signature workflow

    All the features of SignFlow Professional with some added legal weighting.

    Only available in South Africa (SA). For businesses and organisations that wish to transact with a clear legal status using our fully integrated and ECT Act accredited Class 4 Advanced Electronic Signatures (AeS) to sign and distribute highly sensitive documents.

    Legal Compliance

If cutting down on cost associated to paper, print and document distribution is something you've been thinking about, then this is a no-brainer. SignFlow turns expensive paper-based processes into efficient and cost-effective digital workflow transactions.

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