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Signflow digital signature workflow

Affordability meets Compliance & Functionality...

If there was ever a time to go digital... It's within your reach, grab it now!

  Personal & Small Business Products

  • SignFlow SignFREE Free digital signature account


    Yes, it is 100% FREE. It's not a demo account, its a free account. Why?

    SignFREE was originally designed to give new customers receiving documents in workflow from SignFlow users free access to the system and the ability to sign these documents, but then we thought, why not give more. And so SignFREE was born. SignFREE is the only digital signature platform world-wide with a totally free, fully functional interface that does not expire after 30 days...

    How it works

  • SignFlow SignFree with workflow

    SignFree with Workflow

    SignFree with Workflow is your first step into our digital world of efficiency.

    An affordable, yet feature-rich digital signature workflow solution for people with the need to distribute documents to their customers for signing and approvals. When comparing this solution to competitive products, you will find that SignFree Workflow offers more functionality, more documents, more security, stronger compliance and a superior customer experience, for much less money.

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Professional Business Products

  • SignFlow profesional Digital signature workflow

    SignFlow Professional

    SignFlow Professional opens a new world of cloud-based SaaS workflow technology.

    Bring a much higher level of international assurance to your personal digital signature with enhanced document preparation & outbound distribution functionality, coupled with a superior customer experience. SignFlow Professional is the fastest and easiest platform to introduce digital transaction management to your organisation.

  • SignFlow profesional Advanced elctronic signature workflow

    All the features of SignFlow Professional with some added legal weighting.

    Only available in South Africa (SA). For businesses and organisations that wish to transact with a clear legal status using our fully integrated and ECT Act accredited Class 4 Advanced Electronic Signatures (AeS) to sign and distribute highly sensitive documents.

  For the Enterprise and Integrators

  • SignFlow Hybrid Enterprise Digital signature workflow

    SignFlow Enterprise Hybrid on-premise

    For mid -to large -companies wanting to deploy SignFlow behind a firewall.

    SignFlow can run in your data centre utilising your Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL and has the ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing ECM, DMS or BPM platforms. Our on-premise (Hybrid) solution means your documents remain in your data centre and are not uploaded to our cloud. The hybrid solution only utilises our cloud PKI for user authentication.

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  • SignFlow Hybrid Enterprise Digital signature account

    SignFlow Integrated

    For independent software vendors (ISV's) and integrators.

    SignFlow features a comprehensive Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) in the form of JSON, RESTful and SOAP web service API's which offer software vendors and integrators easy and customisable platforms for full, or partial integrations with SignFlow. Want to dig your teeth into our Framework .Net 4.0 and 4.5 DLL API's? We also offer direct integration with our Digital signature PKI crypto cloud infrastructure via the Signature API to sign direct in your application. Get going in a snap!

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