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Digitising the process of getting documents signed.

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Signflow digital signature workflow

Big or small SignFlow fits all...

Whether you're a small or medium size enterprise or a large multi-national bank, SignFlow fits all.


SignFlow handles any document workflow in any business environment that needs signing and/ or an approval process. Say good bye to print, scan & manual paper-based processes and hello to SignFlow

SignFlow is Business ready.

SignFlow is leading the way to assist businesses deploy compliant digital signature technology throughout the enterprise. Some customers choose to take a phased approach to signature workflow and others launch an enterprise-wide project to quickly gain value. Whether you choose to start with a specific department or to deploy SignFlow across the organisation, we adapt to your needs.

Across the Enterprise

Deploying SignFlow across the enterprise increase efficiencies, speeds up processes, lower operating costs, reduce human error and provide an enhanced customer experience. By keeping processes digital, business users have clear visibility into workflow whilst avoiding time consuming efforts associated with finding, filing and scanning documents


  • Employee contracts
  • Expense claims
  • Company Policy
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Payroll


  • Accounts receivable
  • Purchase Orders
  • Financial Statements
  • Secretarial
  • Asset Management


  • Non-disclosure's
  • Contracts Management
  • Compliance Documents
  • Board Packs/ Minutes
  • Credit Agreements (POS Mode)


  • Sales Proposals
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Agreements
  • Account Applications
  • Supplier Agreements


  • Service Agreements
  • Job orders
  • Job card sign-off
  • Project sign-off
  • Change Documents


  • Event Agreements
  • Customer Orders
  • Advertising Agreements
  • Email Signing
  • Code Signing


  • Code Signing
  • User Acceptance
  • Access Management
  • Incident Management
  • IT Policy sign off


  • Purchase Orders
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Supplier on-boarding
  • Supplier Agreements
  • Accounts Payable

Millions of users globally are already doing billions of digital transactions

Millions of users world-wide have realised the benefits of automating business processes which requires documents to be signed and/or approved. SignFlow professional workflow allows you to prepare, send, sign and manage your documents efficiently and digitally.


Across Industries, Organisations and Departments

Empower your organisational units to prepare and manage transactions. Give employees and management visibility into pending transactions. SignFlow enables its users to monitor customer transactions, to monitor real-time audit trails of who has signed and who still needs to sign, what transactions are due with the ability to notify recipients of any transactions requiring immediate attention. Notifications, urgency, escalation settings and reminders can be executed to assist the workflow process moving forward.

  • Accounting and Tax

    We lighten the load for Auditors and Tax practitioners with faster distribution of documents for approvals and signing. Integrate and distribute your appointment letters, tax forms and financial statements from your favourite tax platform and beat the clock during the crunch period.

    Have clear visibility into outstanding documents and set automatic reminders to ensure you get your signed documents and approvals back in time.

  • Legal & Litigation

    Subscribers of SignFlow Professional - SA Legal are issued with Class-4 Advanced Electronic Signature X.509 digital personal certificates to eSign legal documents. Legal documents signed in this manner creates original electronic court documents as required by the South African Electronic, Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act of 2002.

    SignFlow is much faster than courier, fax and even email. Let SignFlow facilitate and distribute the filling of electronic documents in litigation matters between attorneys and attorney and client.

    Prepare professional legal documents from your existing templates in your favourite word processing platform. Upload your document into SignFlow and apply a corresponding saved SignFlow Doc Prepper™ template to affix signature and variable field templates in minutes. Have clear visibility of documents at all times throughout the process.

  • Real Estate

    How many more properties could you have shown to prospective buyers or renters if you did not have to spend all the time you did on getting your contracts and application forms signed? How much more could you have sold?

    SignFlow enables realtor’s and rental agencies to prepare and distribute contracts and application forms electronically to prospective customers. Customers can read and approve or eSign real estate documents from anywhere, any time on almost any device.

    Keep track of outstanding documents and send reminders as often as required. Simply set SignFlow to automatically remind customers to action documents in circulation.

    Increase your digital presence as a professional realtor that means business.

  • Commissioners of Oath

    Subscribers of SignFlow Professional - SA Legal are issued with Class-4 Advanced Electronic Signature X.509 digital personal certificates. A Commissioner of Oath can sign an electronic copy of an original paper-based document with a SignFlow Professional - SA Legal Advanced Electronic Signature to create a certified, electronic copy of the original document.

    Distribute Certified electronic copies of documents via SignFlow Workflow and keep an audible track record of your documents.

  • Sales Departments

    Convert your manual quotation and customer ordering system into an efficient digital transaction system managed by SignFlow. Reduce turnaround times from weeks and months into hours and minutes, turning lost time into visible profits.

  • Human Resources

    The Human Resource (HR) department is one of the most costly, paper-based departments in almost any business.

    SignFlow workflow quickly automates and digitises any HR department, speeding up contractual processes and appointments, approval processes (leave, claims etc.) whilst improving on long-term electronic document storage and retrieval strategies.

  • Contractors

    Communicate effectively and paperless with multiple sub-contractors. Prepare and distribute contractor -and sub-contractor -agreements for approval and signing. Get your signed documents back in a flash to eliminate loss on project time.

    Increase efficiency and save time with SignFlow Professional. Personnel and contractors in the field can quickly review and approve documents using their tablet, iPad or other smart device.

  • Government

    Eradicate slow and expensive paper-based processes. SignFlow Enterprise offers Government departments the required levels of control, security and compliance whilst offering the citizen mobility, flexibility and transparency.

    The "Go Green" and "Go Paperless" statements found in mandates, directives and speeches across Government departments are usually not aligned with what is found in the operational facility.

    SignFlow is geared to assist Government reach its going green and going paperless goals and initiatives by providing a world-class digital transaction platform.

  • IT Operations & Technology

    Implementing SignFlow technology throughout IT operations gives your IT professionals more time to focus on projects and allows them to spend less time on completing paperwork.

    SignFlow increases efficiency by effectively managing your document sign-off processes. Establish clear accountability across document processes, whether in your data centre or out in the field.

    Enhance customer-facing processes and get projects and change requests signed off in a flash. Enhance your customer's experience when being faced with your IT documentation in need of approval and/or sign-off.

    Show your business units and your customers that you embrace the latest technologies and trends and become the champion of cost saving initiatives across the enterprise.