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SignFlow™ is a digital signature workflow manager that enhances and fully digitises any process that requires a document to be signed or approved. For anything from the most basic requirements like employees having to sign leave applications and their managers approving or rejecting it, to ultra-complex processes that require both internal and external parties to sign highly sensitive and legal documents, SignFlow has the answer.

New features

Version was released 13 March 2017, packed with new features and enhancements of standard features.

  • Signature Appearance

    Once you have chosen between a font (text-based) signature and your own unique graphic signature (which you can either upload or draw) using the" Edit Signature" function, you can now go a step further and change the appearance of your digital signature.

    A generic digital signature embeds your signature, name, reason code and date on documents when you sign and you may feel this additional text affects the aesthetics of the document.

    You now have the option to choose what text - if any - you want to accompany your signature. Simply switch text components on or off with the newly-added toggle switch under the "Edit Appearance" function on the main menu. Here are a few samples:

    SignFlow Signature Appearance

    SignFlow Professional and SignFlow SA Legal users also have the option to switch off the SignFlow border.

    NB: The items switched off in the "Edit Appearance" function remain embedded in the certificate, and will still be present when you open and validate the digital signature. These fields are merely hidden on the signature's appearance.

  • SignFREE users can save Graphic Signature


    Prior to version, SignFREE and SignFree with Workflow users had to draw their signature each time they signed. Using the "Edit Signature" function, SignFREE users can now upload or draw their unique graphic signature and store it in SignFlow.

    SignFlow SignFREE Draw and Save Signature


    It means single-click signing. Draw or upload your signature once, save it and you never have to draw it again. Simply click on the "Sign Here" tab in all future documents and your saved signature will be applied with all the digital components you chose in "Edit Appearance"

  • Group Signing (ideal for mandate registers)


    Group Signing is a parallel workflow feature that allows you to set up a group of users (e.g. a list of mandated signers, or a sales department) where any amount of specified users from the group can sign the document.

    Let’s take annual facility letters sent out by banks to illustrate the process. There may be ten directors that have signed a mandate authorising them to sign annual facility letters, but the bank only requires signatures from two directors. The bank would then set up a group called “Company Directors”, for instance, and load all ten directors as signers. The document is prepared with two signature fields and sent to all directors simultaneously. As soon as any two of the ten have signed, quorum is reached and the workflow is complete (or, depending on how it is set up, it may continue to completion).

    SignFlow Group Signing

    What makes SignFlow’s Group Signing feature unique, is the fact that it allows a combination of sequential and parallel workflow – also known as Advanced Routing – which lets users combine individual signers and group sign-offs, in a single workflow configuration.

  • DocPrepper - Advanced Form Fields

    Checkbox and Checkbox Group Fields

    Turn your existing application forms and contracts into fillable forms using SignFlow's new advanced DocPrepper form fields.

    Add Checkboxes that are non-mandatory or mandatory where you need the signer to choose from multiple options. Enforce that the correct amount of checkboxes are ticked by using the Checkbox Group fields.

    Let's say your agreement requires the signer to confirm certain points with "Accept" or "Decline". You would then simply design a Checkbox Group and specify the minimum and maximum amount of checkboxes required.

    SignFlow Checkbox Group

    Prevent signers from skipping over important information you need filled in on your agreement.

    SignFlow Checkbox Group

    Ensure your customers have a pleasant and flowing user experience, while you get all the info you need.

    Dropdown form fields

    Avoid users typing in unwanted answers to questions on your document. Add mandatory dropdown form fields on your documents and configure DocPrepper with a choice of answers.

    Lets say you're an insurance company that needs to know what policy the signer is interested in, simply ask the question and provide a dropdown field with the possible answers.

    SignFlow Checkbox Group

    Remove the guesswork and give your agreements a professional facelift.

    SignFlow Checkbox Group

    There are many more form-fields in DocPrepper, like mandatory and non-mandatory text boxes, initialling fields, checkboxes, digital signature fields and more...

  • Portfolio (Multi-document "envelope" management)

    SignFlow's Portfolios feature has received a major upgrade. You can now create a portfolio immediately when you create a new workflow, or simply link your new document to an existing portfolio.

    A portfolio can be created with the first document, whereafter you can add additional documents, files and forms.

    This feature can be used for the long-term management of customer files, keeping them neatly stored in one location and easily accessible via the main menu.

    SignFlow Portfolio Envelope Management

    Even though the files are combined in the Portfolio PDF, they are not merged. This means each file, document or form can be separately signed through different workflows and approval channels, maintaining the integrity of each document and the digital signatures applied on them.

  • Portfolio Sharing (Portal for POPI and FICA compliance)


    By sharing a Portfolio with others (your customers, team, division or business), gives them secure access to directly and securely view all documents and contracts in the Portfolio portal. If they are given "contributor" access, they can also upload new documents (like a copy of an ID and proof of residency for FICA) over an encrypted channel, which are then securely stored in the Portfolio.

    SignFlow Portfolio Share

    Notifications can be set by Portfolio owners, viewers and contributors so that email notifications are sent out when documents are added or removed from a shared Portfolio.

    This is a great tool to manage customer contracts and avoid private information being sent over non-secure channels, like email.

New features added in version 3.0 -

  • Reporting

    Drawing reports in SignFlow have never been easier. The new report writer gives business administrators and management a clear and concise overview of all digital transactions conducted in SignFlow.

    SignFlow Reporting

    Reports can be drawn on the entire business, or by a division or a team. You can now view the overall transactions by document status and see all user-stats over customisable time periods.

  • Geolocation
    SignFlow Geolocation

    With the release of SignFlow version 3.0, the geolocation (geographical location) of the signer is recorded. The coordinates will display in the audit trail after initialling or signing a document.

    You can locate the physical address using Google Maps or your browser. From the audit trail in SignFlow, copy the line after “Location:” and paste it into your browser or Google search bar. Ensure there is a space between the two coordinates (example -25.9928484 28.0662885) and press enter.

    SignFlow Geolocation

    Google recognises it as coordinates and opens an overview map. Click on the Google Map to zoom in on the physical location where the document was signed.

    Knowing what the geographical location of the signer was when they signed the document, strengthens non-repudiation.

    Recording the geolocation when using SignFlow Face-to-Face signing, proves that both the signee and the witness was at the same location, at the same time when the document was signed.

  • Electronic Initialling
    SignFlow eSign Cloud solution

    Using the initialling option, you can have the signer initial on every page, or selected pages. This function utilises ordinary electronic signatures and speeds up the process of signing large documents considerably.

    The signer is prompted to draw his initials with the signature drawing tool using a mouse, signature pad or finger-on-glass smart device.

    The signee has the option to either apply it manually (page by page) or automatically throughout the document where it is required.

    The electronic initialling can be audited via the SignFlow audit log for each signee.

Thousands of SignFlow users spoke to us, and we listened. The SignFlow development team constantly add new features that customers request and we work around the clock to improve and perfect user-experience.

  • Face-to-face signing
    SignFlow eSign Cloud solution

    SignFlow converts drawn electronic signatures (created with a mouse, signature pad, tablet or phone) into cryptographic digital signatures. These signatures are produced in the presence of a SignFlow user, who then also signs the document with their SignFlow digital signature as a witness.

    Face-to-Face (in the physical presence of the other person/s) signing gives the SignFlow user the opportunity to witness any third party person signing a document electronically during the same signing session. The credentials of the third-party signer, as well as the time and place (optional) are cryptographically embedded in every unique digital signature they apply to the document, using industry standard cryptographic digital signatures. Adobe® Acrobat also records each digital event that takes place in the document, which is permanently embedded in the document.

    Face-to-face signatures are well suited to agreements that need to be signed in the presence of a witness, for instance contractual signing between an attorney and his client, or contracts prescribed by Law (i.e. National Credit Act) requiring the presence of a witness. These signatures are compliant with Law and can legally replace wet ink signatures.

    Refer to the latest user guide on how to use this feature

    More on Face-to-face signing

  • Custom Signatures for SignFREE users
    SignFlow eSign Cloud solution

    SignFREE users now have the ability to draw their signature with a mouse or touch-enabled device like a tablet, smart-phone or signing pad.

    Every time a SignFREE user needs to sign a document, they are prompted to choose between drawing their signature or using font-based signature options.

    The drawn signatures are not stored in SignFlow, so there is no security risk for the signer. SignFlow converts the drawn electronic signatures (done with a mouse, signature pad, tablet or phone) into cryptographic digital signatures that are embedded in the document using industry-standard X.509 cryptography and digital certificates.

  • Create Workflow wizard
    SignFlow eSign Cloud solution

    Our new Create-flow wizard now features a progress bar that splits up the workflow creation process into three easy steps to make it extremely easy for anyone to use.

    Step 1. Either select a file or enter the address of a website form to convert.

    Step 2. Setup your message to recipients, levels of urgency and SLA escalations.

    Step 3. Add users to your workflow by stating the roles you require. Setup your workflow based on the role (signer, witness, approver or viewer) of the recipient/s.

  • Advanced Doc Prepper

    Our super popular Doc Prepper (Document preparation tool) has been improved even more with the following additions:

    • Snap to grid when dragging fields on to the document to make it much easier to line up different fields.

    • It now supports importing of secured .PDF documents. If you can print it, you can sign it digitally.

    • Open text fields can now be resized to a full screen if you require the recipient/s to write comments or any other information in your document before signing it.

    • You can now add Face-to-face signing fields in Doc Prepper. This allows any SignFlow user to witness in person another person signing a document. The third-party signer does not require a SignFlow account. The third-party signer signs the document while in the presence of the SignFlow user while logged in to SignFlow. The third-party signer can sign using your mouse, signing pad, tablet or phone to draw a signature which is then converted from an electronic signature to a true cryptographic digital signature.

  • Rejected workflow basket

    There’s a new basket added to the Dashboard for Rejected workflows. Rejected workflows which was previously stored in the Cancelled basket is now separated from the cancelled workflows and is now visible with an enhanced audit trial in the Rejected basket.

  • Auto dismissal of notifications

    When you open a document for signing or viewing the notification will automatically dismiss from the notification modal in the top right-hand side of your screen. You will no longer have to open the notification and physically click on the dismiss button for these actions.

  • Draw-tool for custom signatures in Pro version
    SignFlow eSign Cloud solution

    For SignFlow Professional users we’ve added a new "Draw Custom Signature" feature using state of the art technology to smooth out mouse strokes to allow users to draw a perfect signature using their mouse or finger on a touch enabled device like a phone or a tablet.

  • Enhanced Audit Trail

    The audit trail has been improved to include logging the event when a person views the documents. This means that every time someone opens a document for viewing it will be logged in the audit trail, even if that person then does not sign or action the document.

    Face-to-face signers are also logged in the audit trail together with the person who witnessed the signature

Standard Features

On-premise or in the Cloud

SignFlow eSign Cloud solution

Whether you choose our cloud as your Software as a Service (SaaS) solution or opt to deploy SignFlow behind your firewall to comply with your stringent document policies, IT policies or organisational requirements, we have the solution.

  • In the Cloud

    SignFlow Cloud is suitable for anyone looking for a ultra-secure platform to manage and distribute documents for digital signing and approvals. The SignFlow cloud hosts highly secure Pvt/Pub Key Infrastructure (PKI) cryptographic hardware security module (HSM) servers responsible for centralised authentication, secure management of private keys, cryptographic signatures, graphical signatures and digital X.509 personal digital certificates.

    SignFlow Cloud is the most cost effective and fastest way to connect yourself, or a few hundred employees to SignFlow's world-class digital eSign workflow system.

  • Hybrid on-premise solution

    The Signflow Hybrid solution is for mid -to large -companies wanting to deploy SignFlow behind your firewall. SignFlow utilises Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services, Internet-based services for servers using Microsoft Windows) and Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) for relational database management systems. The SignFlow Hybrid deployment takes care of your electronic signature workflows whilst pointing to the SignFlow PKI crypto cloud for managing the digital signature accounts.

    This is the perfect solution for businesses with high emphasis on document security as documents are not uploaded to the cloud, even when requesting external signers to e-sign your documents.

    More on Architecture

  • Private Network

    The Signflow Private network brings all our technology into your data centre. Privately host SignFlow's FIPS140-2 Level3 PKI (Public/Private Key Infrastructure) HSM (Hardware Security Module) crypto Servers, Microsoft Internet Information Services, Microsoft SQL, SignFlow's Microsoft .Net web-agent and SignFlow's workflow application in your private network, or private cloud.

    Integrate the HSM appliances directly with your AD (Active Directory) or LDAP. Enable high availability HSM farming using IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) and IIS load balancing to ensure a fast, always on service.

    More on Architecture

  • Dongle vs. HSM
    SignFlow eSign Cloud solution

    Ever heard them say "don't take out your 'dongle' in public"? Not to worry, with SignFlow even your most secure information (previously stored on a dongle) is centrally and securely stored & managed in SignFlow's highly secure, certified HSM cryptographic cloud.

    We promise to never embarrass you by expecting you to take out anything but your laptop or iPad.

    Digital X.509 personal certificates and private keys are created and stored on certified FIPS-140-2 Level3 hardware security module (HSM) servers.

    SignFlow ensures compliance with international digital transaction management standards and the sole control of private keys.

eSign Workflow

The only eSign workflow solution on the market that is truly designed to cater for internal and external signers using verifiable X.509 digital signatures. Whether single or multiple signers per document, proxy signing, automated notifications, escalations, urgency indicators or sequential workflow methodology – SignFlow has it all.

  • Inbound Workflow
    SignFlow eSign Cloud solution

    Inbound workflow is available to all subscribers across all products.

    Inbound workflow is when another SignFlow user adds you to their workflow and requests that you action (eSign, approve etc.) their document.

    You will receive an Email notification containing a link to access the document. Once this link is selected, the inbound document will be in your SignFlow work-space ready for you to sign or approve the document.

    After you are done with the document, the SignFlow workflow takes over and automatically redirects its attention to the next person in the originator's workflow.

    A copy of the document will remain in your shared folder until the owner of the document decides to remove it. A Download and Email function is available to all recipients of the document.

  • Outbound Workflow

    Outbound workflow is available to all subscribers of SignFree with Workflow, Professional and Enterprise products.

    Outbound workflow is filled with all the features and functionality to ensure your documents are professionally distributed to all your recipients. Save your workflow as re-usable templates to save time. Next time you want to distribute a document to the same people in your workflow, simply upload their template. New recipients are automatically added to your list of contacts, all you need is their name and email, SignFlow will do the rest.

    Set due dates in your workflow and auto-remind recipients who have not signed. Follow up with total document process visibility from your Circulating folder to remind recipients to action your documents. Set a document's priority to ensure recipients know how urgent it is.

  • User Presence

    When adding a recipient to the workflow, a coloured icon will appear to the left of the person's name indicating there activity and possible availability to action your request.

    This feature assists team members to establish the possibility that someone may not be at work, or may be on vacation.

    Indicators are:
    - Green - The recipient has shown activity in SignFlow today.
    - Orange - The recipient has shown activity in SignFlow during the past week.
    - Grey - The recipient has not shown activity in SignFlow during the past week.

  • Naming documents

    A unique document ID is assigned to every document you upload into SignFlow. The document ID is a unique, sequential identifier of your document in the workflow manager and database.

    SignFlow recognises the file name of the document, which you can leave as is, when you upload it or save it to a new name.

  • Document Splitter

    The SignFlow Document Splitter™ enables you to upload a single, multi-page document which is then split into separate pages. The document workflow you setup will be applied to each page, effectively pushing each page individually through the workflow as part of a document portfolio.

    This is extremely handy in processes where you require people to approve each individual page. If a specific page is rejected, it does not stop the rest of the pages that were approved to continue with the workflow. The effected page can then be fixed and replaced in the workflow and will "catch up" with the rest of the pages in the workflow.

  • Auto Reminders
    SignFlow eSign Auto Reminder

    Due dates and auto-reminders can be set in the SignFlow workflow to automatically send reminder emails to recipients that you are waiting for to action your document/s.

    You also have the option to manually remind recipients in the workflow to action your documents from the Circulating folder in your SignFlow workspace.

  • Escalations

    SignFlow Professional and Enterprise customers can setup business profiles containing company and departmental contact information of employees and reporting structures.

    Escalation times can be set to automatically notify or escalate to a predefined reporting structure, manager or another employee if the escalation time limit is not met by the assignee.

    This feature is especially handy in processing departments that need to distribute and load-balance high volumes.

  • Rejecting Documents

    Each recipient has the ability to reject a document. Whether the recipient is requested to eSign or approve a document, they may not agree with the contents and would like to reject the request.

    When choosing to reject a document, a reason for rejection is required. An email notification is sent to the document originator containing the reason for the rejection.

  • Replacing Documents

    SignFlow workflow enables you to fix and replace documents that were rejected. Simply open and update the document, choose to replace it and re-initiate the same workflow from your Cancelled folder in the SignFlow workspace.

  • Workflow Templates

    Workflow Templates are available to all subscribers of SignFree with Workflow, Professional and Enterprise products.

    Using Workflow Templates is great way to save time. With SignFlow Workflow Templates, there is no need to do the same job over and over. Simply save your workflow template when you're done and next time you need the same, or a similar template, simply upload the saved template and apply it to the document. You can add or remove recipients from a loaded template and simply save that as another template to use in the future.

  • Workflow Audit Trail
    SignFlow eSign Auto Reminder

    Workflow Audit Trail is available to all subscribers across all workflow enabled products.

    A full audit trail (also called audit log) is kept with the document in the SignFlow workspace. It is a chronological set of records that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected the document.

    To view the Audit Trail, simply click on the plus sign "+" to the left of the document in your SignFlow workspace.

Research shows that electronic documents are printed primarily for obtaining signatures and archiving. After printing and signing a document with ink, the document needs to be scanned, uploaded and sent to further parties for signing whom have to repeat this tedious process over and over again.

With SignFlow™ there is no printing, no scanning and no file replications caused by emails and because it's digital, retrieving and archiving your documents is effortless.


SignFlow workflow supports Adobe Acrobat® PDF and PDF/A, Microsoft (MS) Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Text .TXT, Extensible Markup Language .XML, XML Paper Specification .XPS, HTML &.Net Code-signing and most popular Image files.

When your file is uploaded to SignFlow Workflow, it is automatically converted to PDF/A standards, ready for signing, digital transactions and archiving.

  • Forms

    You do not need to recreate existing forms. Electronically kept forms (MS Word, Excel etc.) and contract templates can be directly uploaded as-is into SignFlow. SignFlow will convert the form for you into PDF for preparation and distribution. Neatly scan existing paper-based forms into electronic copies and upload it into Signflow.

    Use the SignFlow Document prepper to place the variable text field items and signature placings that you require on the form and save it as a template. Every time you want to send the form to an applicant to complete using SignFlow, simply load the template and workflow it to the new recipient/s. SignFlow automatically adjusts the variable fields to the new recipient's details.

  • Microsoft Documents
    SignFlow eSign Microsoft Documents

    Simply upload your Microsoft Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint document or template into SignFlow workflow. Signflow will automatically convert your document to PDF/A for digital processing.

    Use the SignFlow Document prepper to professionally prepare your Microsoft document for distribution and signing.

  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

    SignFlow is designed to work with almost any size sheet and/or multiple sheets. You can design Excel sheets with any page orientation (landscape or portrait) and size (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 etc.). Simply set your page breaks and printable areas according to the output you desire. The PDF page conversions in Signflow will be equivalent to the page breaks you set up in the Excel sheet. In a multi-sheet spreadsheet, you simply hide the sheets you do not want SignFlow to convert to PDF.

    Use the SignFlow Document prepper to professionally prepare your Microsoft Excel document for distribution and signing.

  • TXT, XML, XPS & Code Signing

    If you need to prove the authenticity of a .txt, .xml, .xps or Code (.aspx, .PHP, XML etc) file to your clients, simply upload the file into SignFlow, sign it with your digital signature and distribute it to your customers for approval or simply for them to view the signed file. The recipient can validate the authenticity of the content by downloading the file and validating the signature in Acrobat® Reader before using it. The code on the PDF remains selectable, so it is easily transferred to another document or system.

    Use the SignFlow Document prepper to professionally prepare your files for distribution, approvals and signing.

  • Web pages and Web forms

    Simply add the URL of a web-page or electronic web form to your SignFlow workflow using the "Convert Web-page to PDF for signing" function. SignFlow will automatically convert the web-page and formatting of the web-page to PDF/A for signing.

    This feature is particularly handy when you have existing application forms on your website which you need customers to sign.

    Use the SignFlow Document prepper to professionally prepare your web pages and web forms for distribution and signing.

  • CAD Drawings with Active 3D models

    AutoCAD® and Bentley Microstation drawings containing active 3D models can be uploaded and distributed for approvals and signing through the standard SignFlow Workflow system. Although being signed by a digital signature, the active 3D component on the PDF document remains in-tact. Large document sizes are also no problem for SignFlow, simply convert it to PDF in your application and upload it to SignFlow Workflow.

    Use the SignFlow Document prepper to professionally prepare your web pages and web forms for distribution and signing.

Document Preparation

SignFlow Doc Prepper™ allows you to professionally prepare your documents, forms, spreadsheets, photos or agreements before sending it to signers.

Digital signatures lock documents after signing in order to protect the document from being edited after it is signed. Doc Prepper enables you to add variable fields to the document (i.e. name and surname of signer, telephone number, date, address, email address or open text areas and more) without compromising the document's integrity. These fields are filled with the required information of each user when the user eSigns the document.

  • Preparing Text Areas
    SignFlow eSign Templates

    Once a workflow is loaded with one or more signers, you are able to select each signer in the SignFlow Workflow and load (drag-and-drop, resize and affix) tags and signature field placings that are specific to the information required on the document for that person and the business he represents.

    In SignFlow, no one can accidentally sign in the wrong place on a prepared document, or accidentally complete something on a document that was not meant for them to complete.

    Multiple text fields for multiple signers can be placed throughout the document wherever they are required. Named fields will automatically populate with information from the system, eliminating the need for signers to fill in the same information more than once where duplicate information throughout the document is required.

  • Preparing Digital Signature Fields

    As with the text fields, the digital signature fields are dragged and placed where you want each user to sign. Once a signature field is assigned to a specific person, only that person can sign in that location.

    Multiple signature fields for multiple signers can be placed throughout the document where signatures are required

    Should the person proxy (authorise to represent) someone else to sign the document (if you allowed proxy signing), then the fields will automatically update to the new recipient's details.

  • Doc Prepper Templates

    No need to create anything twice, simply save your unique Doc Prepper templates to apply to the same or similar documents. When loading the template, it will recreate the variable fields and signature placings in the exact locations in the document. The intelligent Doc Prepper template manager recognises when the recipients have changed and automatically updates the fields according to the new workflow.

    These templates, save a lot of preparation time when you often distribute the same document (i.e. Excel spreadsheet reports, account application forms, non-disclosure agreements, quotations, contracts, code, etc.) to different -or the same- signers.

  • Random Signing
    SignFlow eSign Digital Signature

    No need to use the Doc Prepper if you choose not to.

    If you do not want to specify variable text fields or signature placings, simply release the document without any predefined fields.

    Non-prepared documents can be signed by recipients on any device by dragging their signature onto the document and signing it.


SignFlow digital signatures are fully compliant with South African, European, US and International regulations for electronic transactions and trust services.

SignFlow is leading-edge technology based on Private/Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) cryptographic technology utilising accredited personal X.509 digital certificates to provide the highest levels of security and universal acceptance.

Visit our official Legal Compliance Page

  • Digital Signatures

    There is a sizable difference between Electronic and Digital signature technology that cannot be ignored.

    SignFlow digital signatures are created using a cryptographic operation that creates a hash-code unique to both the signer and the content of the document so that it cannot be copied, forged or tampered with.

  • South African ECT ACT

    SignFlow is fully integrated with SAPO's SAAA (South African Accreditation Authority) accredited Class4 Advanced Electronic Signature (AeS) digital certificates as described within the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT Act) of 2002.

    These certificates are available to SignFlow Professional SA Legal subscribers that wish to transact and communicate with clear legal status.

  • Adobe Acrobat® Signature Validation

    Because all signatures in SignFlow are applied using true digital signature standards (as opposed to electronic signatures), every signature in the document can individually be verified with version 8.0+ of Adobe Acrobat Reader® (free Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file Reader).

    The Adobe CDS Signing Certificates that SignFlow offer are verified each time the PDF document is opened, which enables real-time verification. Signature validity is determined by checking the authenticity of the signature’s digital ID certificate using industry standard X.509 digital certificates chained to the Adobe Root Authority to allow automatic validation of authenticity of the author and integrity of the document.

  • Adobe Acrobat® Audit Trail

    Once a document has been signed by one or multiple parties using SignFlow, a full audit trail is visible in Adobe Acrobat Reader® outside the SignFlow application. Simply download and open the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader®, then open the Signature panel to verify the signer's digital ID and get a full audit log of events that influenced the document.

    You can even roll back in revisions within Adobe Acrobat Reader® by choosing to view a signer's revision.

    Available in over 30+ languages, Adobe Reader® ensures a consistent digital signature experience worldwide. Every revision of the document is saved in the audit trail and can be opened individually.

  • International Compliance

    The SignFlow digital signature solution, supports compliance with numerous regulations, even in the most heavily regulated industries. With the proper standard operating procedures in place, SignFlow complies with ESIGN in the US, eIDAS in the EU, HIPAA (and JCAHO), FDA 21 CFR Part 11, USDA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and many more.

Enterprise Transaction Management

SignFlow eSign Digital Transaction Management

Empower your organisational units to prepare and manage transactions. Give employees and management visibility into pending transactions.

SignFlow enables its customers to monitor customer transactions, to monitor real-time audit trails of who has signed and who still needs to sign, what transactions are due with the ability to notify recipients of any transactions requiring immediate attention.

Notifications, urgency, escalation settings and reminders can be executed to assist the workflow process moving forward.

  • Accounting and Tax

    We lighten the load for Auditors and Tax practitioners with faster distribution of documents for approvals and signing. Integrate and distribute your appointment letters, tax forms and financial statements from your favourite tax platform and beat the clock during the crunch period.

    Have clear visibility into outstanding documents and set automatic reminders to ensure you get your signed documents and approvals back in time.

  • Legal & Litigation

    Subscribers of SignFlow Professional - SA Legal are issued with Class-4 Advanced Electronic Signature X.509 digital personal certificates to eSign legal documents. Legal documents signed in this manner creates original electronic court documents as required by the South African Electronic, Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act of 2002.

    SignFlow is much faster than courier, fax and even email. Let SignFlow facilitate and distribute the filling of electronic documents in litigation matters between attorneys and attorney and client.

    Prepare professional legal documents from your existing templates in your favourite word processing platform. Upload your document into SignFlow and apply a corresponding saved SignFlow Doc Prepper™ template to affix signature and variable field templates in minutes. Have clear visibility of documents at all times throughout the process.

  • Real Estate

    How many more properties could you have shown to prospective buyers or renters if you did not have to spend all the time you did on getting your contracts and application forms signed? How much more could you have sold?

    SignFlow enables realtor’s and rental agencies to prepare and distribute contracts and application forms electronically to prospective customers. Customers can read and approve or eSign real estate documents from anywhere, any time on almost any device.

    Keep track of outstanding documents and send reminders as often as required. Simply set SignFlow to automatically remind customers to action documents in circulation.

    Increase your digital presence as a professional realtor that means business.

  • Commissioners of Oath

    Subscribers of SignFlow Professional - SA Legal are issued with Class-4 Advanced Electronic Signature X.509 digital personal certificates. A Commissioner of Oath can sign an electronic copy of an original paper-based document with a SignFlow Professional - SA Legal Advanced Electronic Signature to create a certified, electronic copy of the original document.

    Distribute Certified electronic copies of documents via SignFlow Workflow and keep an audible track record of your documents.

  • Sales Departments

    Convert your manual quotation and customer ordering system into an efficient digital transaction system managed by SignFlow. Reduce turnaround times from weeks and months into hours and minutes, turning lost time into visible profits.

  • Human Resources

    The Human Resource (HR) department is one of the most costly, paper-based departments in almost any business.

    SignFlow workflow quickly automates and digitises any HR department, speeding up contractual processes and appointments, approval processes (leave, claims etc.) whilst improving on long-term electronic document storage and retrieval strategies.

  • Contractors

    Communicate effectively and paperless with multiple sub-contractors. Prepare and distribute contractor -and sub-contractor -agreements for approval and signing. Get your signed documents back in a flash to eliminate loss on project time.

    Increase efficiency and save time with SignFlow Professional. Personnel and contractors in the field can quickly review and approve documents using their tablet, iPad or other smart device.

  • Government

    Eradicate slow and expensive paper-based processes. SignFlow Enterprise offers Government departments the required levels of control, security and compliance whilst offering the citizen mobility, flexibility and transparency.

    The "Go Green" and "Go Paperless" statements found in mandates, directives and speeches across Government departments are usually not aligned with what is found in the operational facility.

    Signflow is geared to assist Government reach its going green and going paperless goals and initiatives by providing a world-class digital transaction platform.

  • IT Operations & Technology

    Implementing Signflow technology throughout IT operations gives your IT professionals more time to focus on projects and allows them to spend less time on completing paperwork.

    SignFlow increases efficiency by effectively managing your document sign-off processes. Establish clear accountability across document processes, whether in your data center or out in the field.

    Enhance customer-facing processes and get projects and change requests signed off in a flash. Enhance your customer's experience when being faced with your IT documentation in need of approval and/or sign-off.

    Show your business units and your customers that you embrace the latest technologies and trends and become the champion of cost saving initiatives across the enterprise.


Capturing signatures on mobile devices connected to the Internet, whether in a point-of-sale customer-facing environment, or out in the field using mobile or tablet devices, SignFlow offers face-to-face electronic click-to-sign with digital signature witness and non face-to-face digital signature solutions for any external party to sign your documents.

  • Tablets and Laptop Computers

    SignFlow works on almost any device connected to the Internet. Sign documents from anywhere in the world on your iOS or Android driven tablet or smart device.

    Don't compromise on functionality just because you are out in the field. The SignFlow application is designed to work on small screens without compromising functionality and features. Simply sign in from your tablet and prepare, distribute and eSign documents with ease.

  • Mobility & Advanced Electronic Signatures

    Applying Advanced Electronic Signatures (AeS) on legal documents and contracts with a mobile device is no problem for Signflow. Because your AeS personal digital signature is stored in our secure PKI cloud, there is no need for any special dongle or proprietary software to sign documents with an AeS on a mobile device. All you need is an Internet connection and you're set.

  • Mobility and Security

    Many eSign solutions require you to have a dongle or to install your personal certificate in the root certificate store on your computer or mobile device. This poses a serious security risk when the device or Laptop computer is stolen or compromised.

    With Signflow, nothing is ever stored on the local computer or device.

Digital Signature Verification

All SignFlow digital signatures can be verified by using any digital signature verification tool or Adobe Acrobat Reader®. All personal digital certificates used to sign documents in SignFlow are part of Adobe’s Certified Document Services (CDS) and Approved Trust List (AATL).

SignFlow's PDF signing certificates are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0+.

SignFlow digital signatures can thus be verified by anyone, anywhere in the world, using a free version of Adobe Reader by simply clicking on the digital signature.

  • Adobe Acrobat® Digital Signature Verification

    The Adobe CDS Signing Certificates that SignFlow offer are verified each time the PDF document is opened which enables real-time verification. Signature validity is determined by checking the authenticity of the signature’s digital ID certificate using industry standard X.509 digital certificates chained to the Adobe Root Authority to allow automatic validation of authenticity of the author and integrity of the document.

    Simply click on the signature in the PDF document and view the verification results. You can also open the Signature panel from the Adobe Reader ribbon to view revision results, document integrity report, signature verification results, personal digital ID's and extended certificate information.